Workplace Emotions

Most organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of corporate wellness and the impact of work and lifestyle choices on staff wellbeing and work performance. However, organizations are confronted with a rise in stress, anxiety and fatigue levels at the workplace owing to 21st-century generational dynamics. With the introduction of a much younger population into the workforce such that an older generation of the experienced workforce is compelled to work with millennials who demonstrate a high dosage of drive but possess little or no experience, communication dissonance can result in friction, thus limiting productivity at all levels. Consequently, there is a need for organizations to deploy effective strategies towards harnessing the enormous potential of a young workforce while managing the attendant emotional energies. Our unique product, WORKPLACE EMOTIONS (AWE), offers capacity building in adolescent and young adult management for Team Leads while taking young team members on an exciting journey of emotional awareness, self-discovery, and optimal performance. WE also infuse workplace wellness in the organizational structure of clients. We believe that wholesome individuals become wholesome employees who bring their A-game to step up their organization’s productivity. The WE product offering is enriched by the captivating workplace encounters of TSAGE and TBOG.

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