What We Offer

Our service offerings are curated across three defining phases of the human life cycle to ensure that legacies, values and morals are successfully bequeathed to the next generation without fail. We also strongly believe that correction need not be devoid of connection between parent and adolescent, something our 6 – 8 – 10 model encapsulates!

How does the 6-8-10 Model work?


AWE is a 3-part product offering designed to trigger life-transforming experiences for the adolescent. With our years of experience, tested tools of practice and Neurolinguistic Programming Techniques, we are strategically positioned to aid the smooth transition of your adolescent from one phase of life into the next until wholesomeness is achieved.


Do you wake up on a Monday morning sighing “Oooh God! it’s Monday!” while you can’t wait to sing “Thank God!!! it’s Friday!”? Are you consistently failing to hit target? Are there consistent inter- (or intra-) unit disputes? Do you see your productivity slowly nose diving? Are you enjoying work-life balance? Can you keep yourself motivated even when everything around you is demotivating?  In the workplace, emotional wellness strikes as the number one factor in maintaining a productive workforce. 


TRAIN UP is an acronym for “Transmitting Instructions through Unconventional Parenting”. As the name implies, it is designed for adolescent managers including Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Counsellors (PTAC). TRAIN-UP is a capacity-building exposure that unveils unconventional but foolproof strategies for adolescent engagement in the 21st-century technology-driven social space by equipping PTAC with tools for creative adolescent management. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the myriad of conflicting opinions on parenting adolescents? Or do you constantly deal with unending adolescent tantrums and rebellious streaks?