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One of the most painful experiences in life is knowing that you can be more than you currently are but for the past painful and hurtful memories that keep limiting you. We have been there as well, as you might have read in our bios. Sometimes the pain gnaws at one’s mind making it almost impossible to forge on with life. But the big question is, “What will you do with the pain?” Will you let it keep you down or will you activate the processes that can turn it around to your eventual gain?
Silent Tears is a classic tale of a survivor who went through pain, hurt and betrayal – the realities that short-change many.
Using the story of Sasha, we want to take you on a journey into the best version of yourself.
In this book, we’ll be showing you the intersections of the various dimensions of wellness, how the negative interruption of one aspect affects the others thereby creating an imbalance in the wholeness of the individual, and, consequently, how this imbalance produces a suboptimal or an underperforming life. We will then guide you into the secrets of the WWW (Wellness, Wholeness & Winning) experience.
Rest assured that we will be available for any question you may have about the book, about TSAGE & TBOG or about your life. You are our priority.
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