Most organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of corporate wellness and the impact of work and lifestyle choices on staff wellbeing and work performance. However, organizations are still confronted with a rise in stress, anxiety and fatigue levels at the workplace owing to the 21st-century dynamics. Our unique product, WORKPLACE EMOTIONS, is an all-encompassing training guide designed to create an emotionally healthy workplace and workforce while tackling:

  • Absenteeism among employees
  • Employee disengagement and demotivation
  • Work-family life imbalance
  • Poor productivity among employees
  • Dwindling creativity
  • Burn outs, etc.

Here are some of our training themes listed below…

Employee Engagement and Mindset Re-engineering

Engaged employees care about their work, the organization’s performance and feel that their efforts make a difference. This “feeling” is crucial to an organization’s success because it is directly proportionate to job satisfaction and employee morale which is a major factor in determining employee productivity. Billions of dollars is lost globally due to employee disengagement. In this training, we show your employees how to stay engaged via our mindset re-engineering tools.

Psychological Safety at Work

 In business leadership, psychological safety is a relatively new concept. The ‘psychological safety at work’ training consists of leading workshops that teach leaders how to create a workplace in which employees feel safe to speak up. The key elements of psychological safety are trust and mutual respect, but it is much more than that. In a psychologically safe work environment, employees feel able to voice their opinions without being penalized for doing so.

The AAHA Pathway to Self-Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness serves as a true indicator of one’s professional capabilities. Our training program helps employees develop their leadership skills and potential. We do this with the use of various tools including our AAHA strategic tool. Additionally, during this training, we empower your team to make the most of their time, develop and optimize their latent skills, talents and abilities in order to assist your organization achieve its corporate goals.

Managing Different Generations in the Workplace

With the introduction of a much younger population into the workforce such that an older generation of the experienced workforce is compelled to work with millennial/Gen Z who demonstrate a high dosage of drive but possess little or no experience, communication dissonance can result in friction, thus limiting productivity at all levels. Consequently, there is a need for organizations to deploy effective strategies towards harnessing the enormous potential of a young workforce while managing the attendant emotional energies. The ‘Managing Different Generations in the Workplace’ training is designed to make managers aware of the importance of generational diversity in the workplace and how to manage different generations at work. The content of the training is based on Strauss and Howe’s generational theory as published in their book Generations from 1991 (later updated in 1997 with The Fourth Turning) and on further research projects that were done later on.  This training will help you identify the characteristics of different generations, analyze the possible areas of friction between generations at work and develop strategies to resolve the differences between generations and foster cooperation at work.

Emotional Intelligence and the S.T.O.P. Principle

This training equips employees with the capacity to become fluent in the language of emotions. Communication glitches in the workplace are often results of misinterpretation of emotions that evolve from certain paradigms developed from childhood. It is our job to help you identify these paradigms, become more self aware and be in charge of your emotions in order to effectively achieve the goals of your organization using the STOP principle as a pilot model.


The Art and Science of Constructive Feedback

There is an art and a science to giving and receiving feedback and this training helps you achieve just that! Training your employees and managers on giving and receiving feedback effectively at work can help reduce workplace conflicts and errors, improve productivity, support staff engagement and motivation while increasing productivity.

Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty

This training teaches you the different methods for coping with stress and anxiety. We will compare problem-focused and emotions-focused approaches and various relaxation techniques. In this new normal where stress is heightened, our stress management training is a necessary tool to help your staff maintain calm and revert to pre-crises situations as quickly as possible.

The WWW Experience for a Wholesome Workforce

We will empower your staff to become 8-star employees, that is, people who are passionately seeking excellence in the management of the critical dimensions of work relationships while understanding and positively excelling in the management of the eight critical dimensions of life. These 8 dimensions are:

Physical: Your connection with your Self

Spiritual: Your connection with the Grand Organized Designer

Emotional: Your connection with your emotions

Financial: Your connection with your finances

Environmental: Your connection with your environment

Occupational: Your connection with your career path

Social: Your connection with friends, family and the nation

Intellectual: Your connection with your mind

Maintaining Work-Family Life Balance

Balancing work and family life not only makes parenting more challenging but it disrupts workplace productivity if not properly managed. This training offers unique techniques for a balanced lifestyle while learning to develop effective and smart work methods as well. According to Pew Research, 38% of mothers and fathers say that being a working parent makes it harder to be a good parent. Another research showed that when parents experienced high levels of parental identity threat, they also reported higher levels of shame and lower levels of productivity. Hence,  the need for this equilibrium. We also have some free parenting tools to assist women in management positions to find the balance between their work roles and their family roles. You can find them here …

Conflict Management and Resolution

In this training, you learn the communication and decision-making skills necessary to manage issues despite difficult situations. You’ll also learn to find common ground despite cultural differences.


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