TRAIN UP is an acronym for “Transmitting Instructions through Unconventional Parenting”. As the name implies, it is designed for adolescent managers including Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Counsellors (PTAC). TRAIN-UP is a capacity building exposure that unveils unconventional but foolproof strategies for adolescent engagement in the 21st century technology-driven social space by equipping PTAC with tools for creative adolescent management. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the myriad of conflicting opinions on parenting adolescents? Or do you constantly deal with unending adolescent tantrums and rebellious streaks?

You’re not alone! Through the ages, societal progress has been facilitated by changing civilizations including advancements in communication technology. However, these advancements have also altered social cohesion and placed changing demands on strategies for successfully engaging adolescents. Unfortunately, many parents are yet to evolve, maintaining a traditional means of parenting in a completely different social clime thus strengthening the communication dissonance that has transcended generations of parenting adolescents. But this need not be so. We show you how to dynamically evolve into the best version of yourself, while learning the requisite skill in engaging the peculiarities of this dispensation of adolescents which helps you communicate effectively with your adolescent without compromising your core values.


  • PTAC are introduced to unconventional but foolproof strategies in the art and science of adolescent management
  • The secrets of adolescent engagement in the 21st century technology-driven social space is decoded
  • Key communication channels between adolescents and adolescent managers are unlocked to build trust and openness
  • An atmosphere for the healing and restoration of the PTAC–adolescent bond is curated
  • TRAIN-UP also introduces PTAC to the dimensions of wellness through the life of a typical adolescent and the multi-faceted interaction technique that enhance the chances of raising wholesome adults of the future.

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