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We believe that the home should not suffer while you thrive at work. so, here are resources to help you on your journey to breaking the bias in your workplace.

Resources on Adolescent Management

Did you know that among adolescents, 56% of stress-related psychological dysfunctions are associated with the school environment and family pressure is responsible for 23.4% of these stress cases? The dangers of putting too much pressure on children, especially adolescents cannot be overemphasized. Our resources are available to help guide you on this intriguing journey of nurturing adolescents into wholesome adults of the future. It need not be a turbulent season for you as parents, teachers, administrators or counsellors because we have come as light bearers to share our wisdom with you. Here are some resources that will help you…


Silent Tears is a short novel based on a true-life story. It takes you on a journey into Sasha’s life and expounds on how the untreated traumas of childhood can become the frustrating dramas of adulthood. We recommend that you also give this to your adolescents to read as well. Click here to download a copy immediately.


Learn the exact four-step strategy that THOUSANDS of parents have used to manage tantrums during adolescence. Click here to grab your copy.


You are familiar with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and the Emotional Quotient (EQ) but are you aware that there is an Adolescent Wellness Quotient (AWe-Q) to watch out for? Take the AWe-Q Test here


AWE is a 3-part product offering designed to trigger life-transforming experiences for adolescents. With our years of experience, tested tools of practice and Neurolinguistic Programming Techniques, we are strategically positioned to aid the smooth transition of your adolescent from one phase of life into the next until wholesomeness is achieved. For more details, click here


TRAIN UP is an acronym for “Transmitting Instructions through Unconventional Parenting”. As the name implies, it is designed for adolescent managers including Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Counsellors (PTAC). TRAIN-UP is a capacity-building exposure that unveils unconventional but foolproof strategies for adolescent engagement in the 21st-century technology-driven social space by equipping PTAC with tools for creative adolescent management. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the myriad of conflicting opinions on parenting adolescents? Or do you constantly deal with unending adolescent tantrums and rebellious streaks? You’re not alone! Click here for more details.


 Resources on Parenting

We have courses and free video materials to support your journey as a parent.

Check out our Parenting Courses

Do you want to know how to parent a defiant teenager or a difficult adolescent?

Do you want to know how to parent your adolescent without yelling or shouting, threats, bribes or punishment?

Do you want to know how to train your adolescent not to deviate from family values?

Do you want to know how to parent without shame, guilt, anger or frustration?

Then this course is for you. Click here to find out more


Dear Parent,

Research has shown that:

‼️Suicide rates are soaring among adolescents at an all-time high.

‼️Counselors are predicting that many university students may not graduate because of skyrocketing mental health cases.

‼️Troubling trends of rising stress levels, increasing risky behaviours, peer pressure and an increase in bullying are making the rounds.

‼️Half of the parents whose teens consider suicide have no idea.

‼️76% of parents feel parenting is getting much tougher and that it’s far more difficult to parent now than when they grew up.

It’s an endless barrage of stress on the parent-adolescent relationship but this need not be so.

It’s why TSAGEandTBOG Consult hosted a free webinar titled, How Well Do You Know Your Adolescent? to improve the quality of the relationship between parents and their adolescents in this fast-paced social clime. Click here to enjoy.


Too many times, we have encountered parents burdened with guilt in the parenting journey. We get questions like, “Am I a good mom/dad?”, “If I had done things differently, would Jemima have gotten pregnant?”, “Am I to blame for Kingsley’s rebellion?”, “Am I even worthy of being a parent?”, “Have I failed as a parent?” These are some of the most extreme thoughts we’ve heard from parents. It gets even worse when parents see other parents and they feel like they are doing a better job than themselves.

This webinar helps you to:

📌 Identify two major causes of guilt in parenting and how to overcome them

💓 Discover the secrets behind creating a parenting lifestyle that is guilt-free

🛄 Balance the realities of work and life without the guilt

🫂Renew your commitment to blame-free and guilt-free parenting We encourage you to share this video with as many parents as you can. Click here to begin


Dear Parent, do you know that the way you relate with your adolescent will determine how well they turn out? Do you know that there are different relational dynamics that must be present in your child’s life for him/her to succeed? Do you know that I can teach you all of these things for free? Well, now you do! But I know 3 things about you and if you are being honest with yourself you know these things are true.

1. You are an amazing parent and you’ve raised an amazing child.

2. You believe that there’s no investment too expensive to safeguard your child’s future.

3. You will love to become a better parent in order to deepen the bond you share with your child.

I can help you with all of that. I’ve encountered parents who had given their best get criticized by their adolescents for certain areas of disappointment. I want to save you that torture. I have engaged hundreds of adolescents as well as met with some of their parents and I have observed a trend of communication dissonance. It’s why I’m committed to helping bridge this communication gap. Click here to begin