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Did you know that among adolescents, 56% of stress-related psychological dysfunctions are associated with the school environment and family pressure is responsible for 23.4% of these stress cases? The dangers of putting too much pressure on children especially adolescents cannot be overemphasized. Our resources are available to help guide you on this intriguing journey of nurturing adolescents into wholesome adults of the future. It need not be a turbulent season for you as parents, teachers, administrators or counsellors because we have come as light bearers to share our wisdom with you. So far, we have reached out to over 800 adolescents and their managers, a figure that keeps rising.

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Learn the exact four-step strategy that THOUSANDS of parents have used to manage tantrums during adolescence. Click here to get your copy NOW!

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ENGAGING THE WORLD OF ADOLESCENCE, the first of a four-part series. This course covers seven (7) Big Modules and over 80 lessons; discoveries that will leave an appreciable mark in your relationship with your adolescent permanently because there are secrets and strategies in there, that will help you understand why they act the way they do, introduce you to the concept of the Adolescent Wellness Quotient (AWe-Q), determine if your adolescent is thriving in all the dimensions of wellness, understand the adolescent ecosystem, introduce you to your Collaborators and Competitors among others. Most importantly, you will have access to a two-month opportunity to be coached on parenting in this 21st century social-driven clime!

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