We are excited that you have decided to take the Observatory Awe-Q Test for Parents because it tells us that you are deliberate about wanting to evolve into the best version of yourself so that you can parent your adolescents as excellently as you possibly can. AWe-Q is an acronym for Adolescent Wellness Quotient and it is defined as the level of an adolescent’s holistic health across the dimensions of wellness. There is also a Self-Assessment AWe-Q Test to be taken by the adolescents themselves without parental supervision or interference. We advise that the results from both the Observatory and Self-Assessment AWe-Q should be discussed and compared by parent and adolescent to help both parties know how well their relationship is faring and discuss a way forward. If you need help with this, we offer specialized services that help out in this process and proffer spot-on solutions and counselling to parents and adolescents who need such services.

JUST BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE TEST, please ensure you read each statement carefully and click on the appropriate responses that resonate with your situation. There is no right or wrong answer and this is in no way a personality test. Please be honest in answering these questions as it is not an examination. It's rather a self-assessment test to help you know the areas your adolescent needs help.

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