Life-Moulding Coaching Services

Our engagement with you need not be one-off. With years of practice at coaching and mentoring adolescents and adolescent managers, we know categorically that raising wholesome adolescents is not a fantasy but can be creatively done. We do not just speak to you or your adolescent as part of a crowd, we are ready to walk with you through your journey to wellness, wholeness and winning with our rich coaching curriculum.

We also coach you through parenting in the 21st-century technology-driven social space. It’s why we provide personal and group coaching in the context of lifecycle management. If you’re a parent trying to decode the secrets to unlocking keys to parenting your adolescent or you’re needing a life-moulding friend for your adolescent or teenager, or you’re a young chap struggling through career, relationship, financial or even physical fitness hurdles, or a corporate organization expecting optimal results from your young and growing employees, TSAGEandTBOG Consult is here to serve you.

We not only walk you through proven pathways, where necessary, we partner with expert service providers such as spas, gyms, counsellors, hotels, corporate coaches, financial services providers and more in order to meet your specific needs while ensuring that, you take this journey with a restful heart. We do not analyze each problem to give you relief in the moment, we dig deeper to proffer lasting solutions.

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