Heart-to-Heart Counselling


Parenting adolescents can be the most rewarding phase of parenting if done right. We as parents want our adolescents to be confident and happy with themselves, to be responsible for their health and make wise lifestyle choices. We want them to develop good social skills and strong relationships, we want them successful with their schooling and eventual careers and competent with money. However, this is not always the case.

In the course of our work, we have found that the recurring challenges encountered by every generation of adolescent managers, including parents, teachers, school administrators and counsellors, with respect to successful adolescent management, have been occasioned by gaps in the evolution of tools appropriate to the given generation of adolescents. As a result, parents are losing control, teachers barely engage the intellectual periphery to the neglect of the emotional core, counsellors are hardly trusted or engaged by adolescents, and administrators are at a loss with respect to appropriate interventions.

There is a demand on us as parents to know when to switch from the conventional parenting model handed us by previous generations to unconventional parenting as the tides of civilization undergo radical advancements. We engage you virtually by providing answers to pain points and lingering questions you might have while parenting these young adults thereby establishing personal connections with you. We, in essence, provide you with a listening ear. We are not substitutes for medical diagnosis and treatment, or psycho-therapy even though we possess a wealth of experience across vast areas of life. What we offer you, however, is a shoulder to lean on, experiences to glean from and empathic support through those issues that hurt you while proffering uncommon but effective solutions.

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