Engaging Capacity-Building Sessions


If you’re looking for a capacity builder, speaker or workshop facilitator who speaks from a deep place within, with deep experience on failing and faltering on the journey to wholeness, all with a dose of humour and compassion, look no further. From parenting workshops to adolescent wellness seminars to corporate wellness workshops to relationship and success seminars for young people to other life-transforming training for a diverse audience, we convene engaging capacity-building sessions for individual and corporate brands in specific aspects and places of wellness.

So far, we have engaged a total of 630 adolescents and their managers. We are devoted to delivering thought-provoking insights and teachings that leave you feeling empowered and moved. We want parents and their adolescents to experience a shift that they can carry with them and parlay into steps towards wholeness. It is why we also offer home services where we handle capacity building sessions on adolescent management right in the comfort of your home.

As part of our work, we have:

  1. facilitated capacity building sessions for various tiers of adolescent managers
  2. been actively involved in planning and executing anti-depression seminars for young adults
  3. engaged various audience with tools to facilitate meaningful and purposeful living
  4. resolved challenges associated with career dissonance and work-life imbalance
  5. facilitated training sessions for individual and corporate brands on physical unfitness, body image issues and lifestyle challenges
  6. handled AWE home services for adolescents observing all COVID-19 related guidelines
  7. built an online capacity-building platform to reach a wider audience [in progress]