Curricular Development 


Whether you’re a business needing a wellness schedule for your staff, or a school seeking to enhance your curricular offering with special attention to a wholesome and successful future for your students, or you’re a faith-based organization seeking to cater to the spiritual health of your group without leaving the other areas of wellness unattended, we can provide you with the needed content support. We understand that different contexts have different wellness needs. We are willing to go over and beyond to detect these specific needs and existing lapses to create a curriculum that meets these needs in-depth.


In partnership with Remake Africa, we are also designing a parenting school that will start out virtually before morphing into a physical centre. Would you like to know how to raise a 21st-century teen/tween using unconventional parenting tools and DIY approaches to everyday parenting scenarios? Then this is for you!

We believe strongly that the communication dissonance between parents and adolescents can come to an end. This is an invitation to accessing deeper, meaningful and rewarding relationships with your teen and tween either at home, school or places of worship.

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