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Jul 24, 2021

AWe-Q is an acronym for Adolescent Wellness Quotient. It is the level of an adolescent’s holistic health across the dimensions of wellness, often represented by a score in a standardized test. To understand the Adolescent Wellness Quotient, we need to understand the concept of Wellness and its import on our adolescent’s day–to–day life. When taking this test, please DO NOT consider it an examination. Be as truthful as you possibly can be so as to get accurate answers that will definitely point you in the direction where your adolescents might be lacking. This is NOT a personality test.

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1. How regularly does your adolescent fall sick enough to require medical attention?


2. Is your adolescent actively involved in creative expressions like painting, colouring, writing, making music, making crafts or any other creative activity?


3. Does your adolescent engage in sporting activities or exercises?


4. Your adolescent is picky with food because of an intense fear of gaining weight despite being underweight


5. Does your adolescent perform above average academically?


6. Does your adolescent critically assess situations before making a decision?


7. Does your adolescent consciously take care of himself/herself in order to prevent things like body odour, mouth odour, etc


8. If you go into your adolescent’s room on a typical day, you’re likely to find it properly arranged and well taken care of


9. If you walked into a room where your adolescent was relaxing, would he/she stylishly relocate to another room?


10. Does your adolescent enjoy spending time at home with you?


11. If your adolescent is hurt by something you did, he/she is more likely to speak to you about it rather than giving the silent treatment


12. If you had a bad day at work, your adolescent is likely to notice


13. If your adolescent is faced with a traumatic situation such as the loss of a dear one or a break-up with a lover, how likely are they to bounce back from it?


14. Does your adolescent profess and/or practice any relationship with the Supreme Being?


15. Does your adolescent have a clear sense of purpose?


16. Does your adolescent show acts of kindness, empathy and other acts of compassion towards fellow humans?


17. Are you comfortable with the company your adolescent keeps?


18. Does your adolescent enjoy dinner time with the family?


19. Your adolescent is not afraid to voice out his/her opinions irrespective of the situation.


20. Your adolescent has basic knowledge of investment and/or savings


21. Your adolescent understands and/or practices the concept of budgeting


22. Your adolescent spends faster than he/she saves


23. Your adolescent has sustained an ability to manage academic demands with extra-curricular demands


24. Does your adolescent have a clear-cut vision of who/what he/she wants to be in the future?


25. How well do you know your adolescent?


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