Do you want to know how to parent a defiant teenager or a difficult adolescent?

Do you want to know how to parent your adolescent without yelling or shouting, threats, bribes or punishment?

Do you want to know how to train up your adolescent not to deviate from family values?

Do you want to know how to parent without shame, guilt, anger or frustration?

Do you want to know how to raise a 21st -century teen/tween using unconventional parenting tools and DIY approaches to everyday parenting scenarios?

Do you want to be taken on an evolutionary mindset shift that fosters the nurturing of an open and friendly relationship between you and your adolescent?

If you answered YES! to any of those questions then this course is for you.


Because we want you to stay connected to your adolescents


In the course of our work, we have found that the recurring challenges encountered by every generation of adolescent managers, including parents, teachers, school administrators and counsellors, with respect to successful adolescent management, have been occasioned by gaps in the evolution of tools appropriate to the given generation of adolescents. An unconventional generation of adolescents needs unconventional management strategies. These gaps in adolescent management strategies have further widened the gulf between adolescents and their managers while perpetuating adolescent related social problems such as depression, drug addiction, risky sexual behaviours, violence and suicide.

ENGAGING THE WORLD OF ADOLESCENCE, the first of a four-part series. This course covers seven (7) Big Modules and over 80 lessons; discoveries that will leave an appreciable mark in your relationship with your adolescent permanently because there are secrets and strategies in there, that will help you understand why they act the way they do, introduce you to the concept of the Adolescent Wellness Quotient (AWe-Q), determine if your adolescent is thriving in all the dimensions of wellness, understand the adolescent ecosystem, introduce you to your Collaborators and Competitors among others. Most importantly, you will have access to a two-month opportunity to be coached on parenting in this 21st century social-driven clime!

 This course will be free commencing from January 1, 2022.

To enjoy a premium experience where you’ll have your assignments graded, obtain a certificate, and have access to counselling/consulting sessions throughout the duration of the course, send a mail to admin@tsageandtbog.com for more details. 

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Webinar: How Well Do You Know Your Adolescent?

This webinar explains some of the things your adolescents go through that you may have no clue about and it also gives you life hacks on how to improve your relationship with your adolescent.

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Webinar: The Blame Game and The Guilt Trip

If you have spent any time crying in secret thinking that you’ve broken your teenager or that you’ve obviously failed them in some way or that you’re the cause of their being disrespectful or rude and you are totally sure that you are failing as a parent. ​Then, welcome to the right place.  

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Webinar: The Parent-Adolescent Relationship Matrix (P.A.RM.)

 Do you know that you can deepen the bond you share with your adolescent? Do you know that the way you relate with your adolescent will determine how well they turn out? Do you know that there are different relational dynamics that must be present in your child’s life for him/her to succeed?
Well, now you do!  

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