Coaching Programmes for Career and Business Women

Work-Life Balance (WLB) has been a growing concern for career women and women entrepreneurs. This coaching program will re-engineer your mindset on what work-family life balance truly means and will guide you on how to achieve personal and professional success as a woman in business. 

Workplace Emotions


Do you want to be more successful as a businesswoman, mother, wife, and leader without any part suffering for the other? Then this coaching curriculum was specifically designed to help you achieve just that!

Balancing work and family life not only makes parenting more challenging but it disrupts productivity if not properly managed. This coaching service offers unique techniques for a balanced lifestyle while learning to develop effective and smart work methods as well. 

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Day One takes you on a journey into the workplace experience of the woman and how to stay efficient. You will be introduced to:

  1. The 8-Star Woman
  2. The three truths about success
  3. The Life-Wheel Balance exercise
  4. The AAHA system of thought
  5. Meaningful work; among others

A free e-book will be given at the end of Day One


Day Two speaks to the role of the woman in the home. You may have heard the statement, “Women are homemakers, therefore, they cannot give their best to “other things”. Though untrue, many women are stereotyped into believing that a woman cannot thrive at home if she thrives at work. This is one fallacy we will break. You will also be introduced to unconventional parenting tools to assist your parenting journey.

Access to a free parenting course will be given at the end of Day Two


Day Three takes the woman on a journey into possible relationships she manages on a regular basis – her relationship with her spouse, her relationship with her children, her relationship with her colleagues, her relationship with her subordinates or employees, her relationship with her boss and her relationship with her friends. At the end of day three, you will be equipped to build a healthy relationship with all categories and to stay present in them.

Access to a free ebook will be given at the end of Day Three.


Why choose to participate

Despite many advances for women, there are still certain distinguishing features in the feminine and masculine roles in the workplace and the homeplace. This program breaks biases and empowers women to live their lives to the highest potential without compromising on excellence at work, at home, and in all facets of life.

The program is curated to serve as a healing hub and a safe space to unburden as well. Hence, there is also a one-week post-coaching service as a follow-up to the 3-day event without extra cost.

Access to video recording is available to those who may unavoidably be absent in addition to the one-week post-training coaching service to ensure that answers are provided to real-time issues. Therefore, QnA sessions are not recorded in order to maintain confidentiality.

Participants will interact with a community of women and have the opportunity to network as well.

Workbooks will be given to participants to help with life-long journaling as well as free access to a parenting course valued at over $100.

This coaching program is valued at over 100,000NGN and these are benefits you will enjoy for a commitment fee of just 5,000NGN. Get started…

Practical Workbook for lifelong learning

One week post-training coaching services

Highly subsidized commitment fee

Access to a community of fellow women

Free access to parenting course valued at $100


Temitope Omoakhalen [TBOG]

Top Instructor

Corporate and Family Wellness Consultant | Workplace Emotions Consultant | Managing Partner TSAGE&TBOG Consult  | Certified Physiologist| Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee Alumna | Certifications in Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology 

With more than ten years of experience as a Wellness Consultant, Temitope fondly called TBOG has facilitated capacity-building sessions for various tiers of workplace executives and adolescent managers.  She has also engaged various audiences with tools to facilitate meaningful and purposeful living while resolving challenges associated with career dissonance and work-life imbalance. She has consulted for individual and corporate brands on physical unfitness, body image issues, and lifestyle challenges and for government parastatals on stress management and emotional intelligence. She brings a keen family awareness to her customized training packages. Her access to cutting-edge thought leadership in the global wellness industry is further broadened by her affiliation with the Mentoring for Women in Business Programme by the Cherie-Blair Foundation for Women, United Kingdom.

 Within 3 years of working at  TSAGEandTBOG Consult, she has reached over 1500 employees, workplace executives, and parents [primarily women] using signature products like TRAIN-UP, AWE, and Workplace Emotions. She brings these experiences and more to this coaching program.


TSAGEandTBOG Consult is a Corporate and Family Wellness Consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria and registered with BN2836708. We pride ourselves as THE WELLNESS BRIDGE between the workplace and the home providing bespoke training and consulting services to help organizations create a psychologically safe haven while ensuring that the home front is secured in order to maintain work-life balance, curb employee disengagement and drive high-performance.


TSAGEandTBOG Consult has been in operation for about three years and has reached over one thousand individuals with its capacity-building programmes from our signature products - Workplace Emotions™, TRAIN-UP, and AWE under the leadership of our co-founder Temitope TBOG Omoakhalen.  During these few years, we have engaged and served notable institutions like Premium Graphics Ltd, Lagos State College of Nursing, Igando, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos State Health Service Commission, Methodist Boys High School, KPEC Secondary School, Leso-Rond High School, among others.