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“If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions above, then you are right where you should be – HERE! Our relationship-based parenting model, which we call Unconventional Parenting, is research-based and parent-tested. We spend our time curating the WWW (Wellness, Wholeness and Winning) experience for individual, familial and corporate brands and we are here to be your guides.”



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Due to inadequate self-awareness, adolescents are increasingly drifting into ever more alarming forms of “new normal”. Like a thought leader once carved it, “every generation thinks it discovered sex” where “sex”, as used in this case, refers to every “cool stuff” that appeals to the physio-psycho-socio-logical make-up of the excitable adolescent brain. As a result of the gaps in adolescent management techniques as well as the widening gulf between adolescents and their parents [or managers], adolescent related social problems such as depression, drug addiction, risky sexual behaviours, violence and suicide are statistically on the rise globally. To end this subtle pandemic, our signature product AWE was launched.


Most organizations are increasingly becoming aware of health issues and the impact work and lifestyle choices can have on staff wellbeing and work performance. However, organizations are confronted with a rise in stress, anxiety and fatigue levels at the workplace owing to 21st-century generational dynamics. Also, with the introduction of a much younger population into the workforce, such that the older generation of experienced workforce is compelled to work with Millennials who demonstrate a high dosage of drive but possess little or no experience, communication dissonance can result in friction thus limiting productivity on all levels.  Consequently, there is a need for organizations to deploy effective strategies towards harnessing the enormous potential of the young workforce while managing the attendant emotional energies. Our unique product WORKPLACE EMOTIONS  offers capacity building in adolescent and young adult management for Team Leads while taking members of staff on an exciting journey of emotional awareness, self-discovery and optimal performance.



TRAIN-UP is a capacity-building exposure for parents and adolescent managers that unveils unconventional but foolproof strategies for adolescent engagement in the 21st-century technology-driven social space. Across generations, adolescents have been the subject of many contemplations. Their radicalism, creativity, rebellion, and risk-taking tendencies have often posed a challenge to established patterns of adolescent management. In the course of our work, we have found that the recurring challenges encountered by every generation of adolescent managers, with respect to successful adolescent management, have been occasioned by gaps in the evolution of tools appropriate to the given generation of adolescents. As a result, parents are losing control, teachers barely engage the intellectual periphery to the neglect of the emotional core, counsellors are hardly trusted or engaged by adolescents, and administrators are at a loss over appropriate interventions. An unconventional generation of adolescents needs unconventional communication strategies… 

Today’s TRAIN UP was an eye-opening one for me to so many issues that I did not even realize were jeopardizing my relationship with my teenagers. I can surely be a better parent with all i’ve learnt. The facilitator was awesome!

Mr. Femi Adekoya


The TRAIN UP lecture was very fantastic, very educating! In fact, I learnt a lot today as a parent. Kudos to KPEC school and management. Please keep it up

Mrs Banire Omolade


When AWE-The Event was done in my school, I loved the “Use Your Pain” video. It touched me deeply.

Alfred Armstrong


You are good at what you do. Kindly keep it up. You practise what you preach. I observed you all through.

Afilaka Yetunde (Mrs)

Nurse Educator, Lagos State College of Nursing, Igando



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